Gwinnett Revises Stormwater Pipe Bedding & Backfill Requirements

On March 8th, Gwinnett County released new bedding requirements for stormwater pipe installations under the Stormwater System & Facility Installation Standards & Specifications (SSFISS) manual. The new requirements allow developers/builders to use pre-fabricated 8-mil polyethylene sleeves in areas with “hot soils” rather than the originally required rock bedding. Backfilling will still be required, however. The new change is the direct result of staff and member efforts through-out the months of January and February. Mr. Steve Hill, RSE Grading Company, was instrumental in bringing about these changes; working very closely with Council Staff. These new requirements affect all piping types including concrete, aluminum alloyed, aluminum coated steel, and polyethylene. The County has agreed to establish an administrative waiver process for those who can show just cause due to financial burden or site specific soil testing that shows acceptable levels of soil PH content. For questions or concerns please contact Mr. Jerry R. Presley, Policy Analyst, at (770)-813-3373 or via email at For more details please see pages 46 thru 48 of Chapter 3 of the SSFISS manual.

New Bedding & Backfill Detail