Gwinnett County Closer to Unified Development Ordinance Approval

Over the last year, Gwinnett County Planning staffs have met with stakeholder groups as the County looks to finalize and adopt the newest Unified Development Ordinance by Summer 2013. The Council has remained engaged throughout the process by not only serving on the Unified Development Ordinance Committee, but also hosting Bryan Lackey at Gwinnett Advisory Committee meetings and at Council offices to offer input and development industry perspective on the proposed ordinance.

The Ordinance is based on Gwinnett County’s 2030 Unified Plan Themes, which include:

· Maintain economic and fiscal health

· Foster redevelopment

· Promote mobility and accessibility

· Provide more housing choices, and

· Keep Gwinnett a preferred place

Gwinnett County used a blueprint of primary goals for the UDO process when developing the new ordinance, including:

· Coordinate and integrate existing county ordinances and procedures that are related to the development process and create a unified ordinance which is streamlined and easier to use;

· Update and improve development standards and procedures with contemporary terminology and practices; and

· Remove obstacles to future redevelopment and provide new development tools and standards that support the vision of the Unified Plan.