Gwinnett County Chairwoman Charlotte Nash Shares Updates with the Council’s Gwinnett Advisory Committee

On September 26, the Council for Quality Growth’s Gwinnett Advisory Committee hosted Gwinnett County Chairwoman Charlotte Nash. She discussed County updates, specifically Gwinnett’s Transit Development Plan, the Bicentennial celebration, and the County’s focus on community outreach.

The original Gwinnett County Transit plan was created in 2001 and it established comprehensive short tern transit goals. Chairman Nash shared her excitement about the Transit Plan update, stating, “Transit is being looked at very closely, and the needs of Gwinnett County and the attitudes towards transit are changing.” The new, more robust transit plan will help prepare Gwinnett for future demographic shifts and better serve the current population. Nash discussed transportation service options, funding sources, and her long-term vision for the County and regional connectedness. The development of the updated transit plan will include extensive community outreach.

The Gwinnett County Bicentennial celebration will begin on December 15, 2017. One major element of this celebration will be a Story Vault. The County will collect videotaped stories from families who have lived in Gwinnett for generations, people who are brand new to the County, and everyone in between. The stories will ask the question “Why Gwinnett?” and aim to identify a common thread of characteristics that attract people to this County.

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The Council would like to thank Chairwoman Charlotte Nash for speaking, and our series sponsor, Jackson EMC, for their continued support.