Gwinnett County Board of Commissioners Pass Stormwater Standards Revision

The Gwinnett County Board of Commissioners passed resolutions on November 15th that will change the stormwater management redevelopment requirements.  Resolution 2011-0890 amends the Development Regulations of Gwinnett County, Section 8.10 by replacing this section with new requirements that ease restrictions on stormwater standards for redevelopment.  The previous regulations discouraged redevelopment and encouraged new developments which in turn contribute to sprawl.  The modifications to the regulations provide developers and investors the means to pursue redevelopment as an option over new developments.  Resolution 2001-1004 introduced an updated fee schedule that takes into account these changes in the stormwater regulations.  The Board passed both resolutions after recommending that the funding be dedicated to stormwater pipe replacement projects rather than stream restoration projects.

The Council for Quality Growth wrote a letter to the members of the Gwinnett County Board of Commissioners supporting the passage of these resolutions.  We would like to congratulate the Gwinnett County staff led by Adena Fullard and Bryan Lackey, Gwinnett County leaders, members of the Council for Quality Growth, and CIDs whom worked hard on this ordinance over the past two years.  These changes will promote and encourage redevelopment in Gwinnett County and provide a model to other counties throughout the region.

Click HERE to view the draft of the stormwater standards revision resolution.

Click HERE to view the draft of the revised fee schedule without the Board’s recommendations.

Click HERE to view the Council’s letter of support.

Click HERE to view the press release from the Gwinnett County Government.