Governor Deal Approves State House and Senate Maps

Governor Nathan Deal signed the Georgia House and Senate maps on August 24th.  The Georgia General Assembly overwhelmingly approved the House and Senate maps earlier this week.  The House approved the Senate maps by a vote of 104-56 while the Senate approved the House maps by a vote of 36-16 with opposition coming largely from the Democrats in both chambers.

Since the House and Senate maps are approved, the Georgia General Assembly will now focus on the new congressional map which will add a 14th congressional seat.  On August 25th, The Georgia House of Representatives voted 110-60 to approve the new congressional map.  The new congressional map now goes to the Senate for approval.  Georgia must submit their maps to the federal government for preclearance by October 1st under the Voting Rights Act of 1965.

View Maps at Legislative and Congressional Reapportionment Office Website

Governor Deal Press Release on Maps