Governor Announces $17 Million Dollars Awarded to Transportation Infrastructure Projects

Governor Brian Kemp announced on April 4, 2022 that the State Road and Tollway Authority (SRTA) awarded approximately $17 million in Georgia Transportation Infrastructure Bank (GTIB) loans and grants that will help fund 16 transportation infrastructure projects across the state with a cumulative project value of $99 million. This represents a better than five to one ratio of other funds to GTIB funds in this round of funding awards. Since 2010, GTIB has awarded over $182 million in grants and loans enabling projects with a combined project value exceeding $1 billion to move forward, demonstrating the impact of the state’s investment and outstanding partnerships with local governments and community improvement districts (CIDs) in Georgia over the past 12 years.

Since its inception in 2010, GTIB has provided strategic state investments in critical transportation projects that enhance mobility in local communities throughout Georgia. Applications are evaluated on a competitive basis. Criteria include transportation/engineering merit, economic merit, matching funds, and project specifics such as project phase and feasibility. Loan applications are also evaluated for creditworthiness and overall project merits.

An advisory committee comprised of representatives from state agencies and statewide associations evaluate SRTA staff recommendations and make final recommendations to the SRTA board. Funds distributed by GTIB are used for capital expenses related to road and bridge infrastructure work.

The GTIB application window started October 1st and closed on Wednesday, December 15, 2021. Fiscal Year 2022 awardees, project descriptions, and funding amounts are as follows:

Atlanta Downtown Improvement District
Courtland Street Bus Lane
This project will convert the westernmost travel lane of Courtland Street to a bus-only lane during the AM/PM peak from Portman Boulevard to MLK Jr Dr., approximately one mile. This lane will be used by CobbLinc, GCT, MARTA, and Xpress buses and is expected to reduce transit travel times and improve on-time performance. The conversion includes repaving and restriping the lane and the addition of three bus stops. The lane will connect to the Summerhill BRT Lane on MLK Dr.
GTIB Grant Award: $500,000

Athens-Clarke County
Tallassee Road Bridge Replacement
This project will rebuild the existing and structurally insufficient bridge on Tallassee Road near its
intersection with Mill Drive. The project will add a ten-foot multi-use trail/sidewalk and include a traffic signal and stormwater infrastructure upgrades. GTIB funds will allow pedestrian and bike infrastructure to be included within the current schedule. The project will improve safety in an area where non-vehicular fatalities have occurred.
GTIB Grant Award: $750,000

Cherokee County
Technology Ridge Parkway – Phase I
This project will create a new two-lane half-mile road from Bluffs Parkway to Heard Drive. Two roundabouts, sidewalks and multi-use paths will be incorporated. The project will improve connections to the Cherokee County Airport, provide opportunities for economic development along its route, and serve as a north-south alternative to I-575 between exits 20 and 24.
GTIB Loan Award: $2,900,000
GTIB Grant Award: $1,000,000

City of East Point
Janice Drive Intersection Improvements
This project will realign the three-legged T-type intersection at Washington Road and Janice
Drive to create a four-legged, signalized intersection. Left and right turn lanes will also be added to Washington Drive. The project will improve safety and reduce congestion.
GTIB Grant Award: $504,002

City of Lawrenceville
Intersection Improvements – Scenic Highway at Jackson/New Hope Road
This project will improve New Hope Road northbound by converting the right turn lane to a through lane, adding a right turn and lengthening the left turn lane. An additional southbound through lane on Jackson Street and a corresponding southbound receiving lane on New HopeRoad will be constructed. Together, these capacity improvements will significantly reduce congestion. Traffic signals will also be updated to improve the functional capability of the intersection.
GTIB Grant Award: $400,000

City of Nashville
Resurfacing Program
This project will resurface three miles of roads which would typically take several years to complete. GTIB funding will allow the city to achieve economies of scale in contracting thereby creating cost savings while significantly accelerating the city’s resurfacing program.
GTIB Loan Award: $241,390
GTIB Grant Award: $600,000

City of Sparks
Brushy Creek Resurfacing
This project will resurface one mile of Brushy Creek Road from city hall to McCranie Road. GTIB funding will allow the entire resurfacing to take place at one time, accelerating project delivery and minimizing the impact of inflation.
GTIB Loan Award: $107,000
GTIB Grant Award: $133,000

City of Union City
McClure Road Paving
This project will pave and widen McClure Road, which is currently closed to traffic from SR 92 to the city limit, a distance of 1.24 miles. The upgraded roadway will provide access to landlocked parcels in an area that continues to experience residential and commercial growth.
GTIB Grant Award: $750,000

City of Woodstock
Neese Road Northern Segment
This project will widen Neese Road from Washington Avenue to Arnold Mill Road by adding a two-way left turn center lane. A roundabout will be included at the Neese Road/Washington Avenue intersection and sidewalks and multi-use paths will be provided. This final phase of the Neese Road widening project will be accelerated with GTIB funding and significantly improve north-south mobility east of I-575.
GTIB Loan Award: $2,900,000
GTIB Grant Award: $1,000,000

Fayette County
SR 92 at Hampton Road Improvements
This project will improve Hampton Road’s two stop-controlled intersections on SR 92 by creating a traffic light at the northern intersection and a roundabout at the southern intersection. The project will significantly reduce delays on Hampton Road and improve access to the state highway system.
GTIB Grant Award: $300,000

Forsyth County
Coal Mountain Connector
This project will construct a new four-lane road from SR 9 to SR 369, a distance of 1.34 miles. A roundabout will be constructed on Settingdown Road, and a light will be installed at its intersection with Bridgetowne Drive. This project will improve mobility west of GA 400 and increase access to the state highway system.
GTIB Grant Award: $750,000

Gateway 85 CID
Beaver Ruin at I-85 Interchange Improvements
This project will make capacity improvements at the Beaver Ruin Road/I-85 intersection by adding left and right turn lanes to both on and off ramps. A southbound lane on Beaver Ruin Road will also be extended through its intersection with Shackleford Road for a distance of 1,100 feet. This project will reduce delays at multiple intersections along Beaver Ruin Road and reduce backups onto I-85.
GTIB Grant Award: $750,000

Gwinnett County
Rowen Development Roadway Infrastructure
This project will construct the first phase of roadway infrastructure for the Rowen Development, a 2,000-acre community in eastern Gwinnett along SR 316. A new roadway connection to SR 316 at Drowning Creek Road, two miles of new four-lane roadways with three roundabouts, eight-foot sidewalks, and a fourteen-foot multi-use trail will be built. This project will pave the way for the first phase of development within the site and help drive economic development along the SR 316 corridor.
GTIB Grant Award: $1,000,000

Lilburn CID
Bryson Park/Hood Road Realignment at Lawrenceville Highway
This project will realign Lilburn School Road and Jennifer Drive which currently form separate, stop-controlled intersections with Lawrenceville Highway. Both intersections will be removed allowing the two roads to intersect and form a new roundabout on Bryson Park property. A third leg of the roundabout will be built to intersect with Lawrenceville Highway and align with Hood Road to the south. A light will be placed at this third leg which eliminates three separate stop controlled intersections. This project will improve access to Lawrenceville Highway and provide significant safety benefits.
GTIB Grant Award: $1,000,000

Town Center CID
Big Shanty Road Widening
This project will widen Big Shanty Road from two to four lanes with a raised median from Chastain Meadows Parkway to Bells Ferry Road, a distance of 2100 feet. Intersection improvements at Chastain Meadows Parkway will include the addition of a right turn lane while a roundabout will be included at Bells Ferry Road. This is the final phase of the Big Shanty corridor expansion and will substantially improve east-west mobility and access to the interstate system.
GTIB Grant Award: $500,000

Union County
Pat Haralson Drive Roundabout
This project will construct a roundabout at the intersection of Pat Haralson Drive and Deep South Farm Road which is currently stop-controlled and provides access to the Union General Hospital. The roundabout will improve traffic flow and accommodate an upcoming medical office expansion.
GTIB Grant Award: $1,000,000