Georgia’s Congressional Delegation Introduces Legislation to Deal with Current Water Crisis

As the State suffers the worst drought in over 100 years, the Corps of Engineers continues to release enough water to maintain the minimum flow levels for downstream users, most notably the federally listed Endangered Species.  As a response to this federally mandated law, Georgia’s Congressional Delegation introduced Legislation that would allow a state temporary exemption from the Endangered Species Act, if a drought was declared by the Secretary of the Army or a Governor to be threatening the health, safety, and welfare of a region served by a river basin managed by the federal government.  Senators Isakson and Chambliss have introduced the bill in the Senate, and all 13 Congressman have introduced the bill in the House.

In addition to the proposed legislation, Senators Isakson and Chambliss have asked the Secretary of the Army, Pete Geren, to honor his prior committment to update the Water Control Plan that governs water releases in relation to the Tri-state water wars.

The full Press Release can be viewed here: Isakson Press Release