Georgia Department of Transportation Seeks Public Input

In an effort to gain insight into the perspectives of residents of the Metro Region regarding transportation patterns and expenses, as well as their vision for the future of our transportation system, the Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) is seeking public input. This week, GDOT released a short survey, and we strongly encourage all of our members to participate.

As the Metro Region continues to grow and the burdens on our transportation infrastructure increase, policymakers and elected officials are shifting their focus towards finding solutions to our ongoing transportation problems. Two Senate Study Committees were created in the last legislative session to improve our understanding of Georgia’s transportation needs and to explore possible options to improve the situation. The Council has been actively involved at all levels of government to promote feasible and effective transportation solutions throughout that will continue to attract quality growth and development to our communities.

We strongly encourage all of our members to complete GDOT’s survey. It will take approximately five minutes. Only with an accurate perspective on Metro residents’ perspectives and habits can we forge effective solutions that will work for our citizens.

To complete GDOT’s new survey, click HERE.