GDOT’s New DriveAlert ArriveAlive Safety Campaign

There’s a crisis on Georgia’s roads. According to GDOT, traffic deaths have increased to an average of 100 a month. At this rate, Georgia could see the first annual increase in nine years. The state is raising awareness about this epidemic of crashes and fatalities, many of which are preventable. The Georgia DOT is using a special safety campaign to help spread the word.

DriveAlert ArriveAlive is a statewide safety campaign that educates drivers about changes they can make in their driving behavior to reduce preventable crashes by eliminating distractions. It implores drivers to buckle up; stay off the phone; and to drive alert.

The Georgia DOT wants everyone in the region to help spread the word because this issue affects everyone on a daily basis.

GDOT’s DriveAlert ArriveAlive toolkit (download here) has everything needed to share this crucial information on websites, social media, or in print:

  • Campaign Logo
  • Fact Sheet and Infographic
  • Press release and articles for you to use (long and short versions)
  • Web Banners and Posters
  • Bill Insert
  • Posts and Tweets for sharing on social media (the campaign hashtag is #ArriveAliveGA)

The DriveAlert ArriveAlive campaign is a partnership between the Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT), the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety (GOHS) and the Georgia Department of Public Safety (DPS).

Please join GDOT’s effort to turn the tide on preventable crashes and deaths in Georgia. With your help, this campaign can save lives!

For more information, visit or Download the DriveAlert ArriveAlive toolkit.

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Please share and retweet posts about the DriveAlert ArriveAlive campaign. #ArriveAliveGA; and finally to arrange for a speaker or to get more involved, contact Karlene Barron or Liz Rothman at 404.631.1836 or (