GDOT Releases 2021 Final State Management Plan

The Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) released a Draft Statement Management Plan on October 1st and accepted comments through Oct 16th. On November 3rd the GDOT published the Final State Management Plan with minor corrections and no substantive changes. The purpose of the State Management Plan (SMP) is to communicate to the public, transit providers, and all participating agencies the overall management framework and policies, used to meet the federal requirements in carrying out federal and state-funded transit programs administered by GDOT. It also describes the State of Georgia’s requirements, policies, and goals for these activities.

In addition to the Section 5311 and Section 5339 programs, this SMP also addresses certain policies and procedures for additional FTA transit programs, including the Metropolitan and Statewide Planning and Non‐ Metropolitan Transportation Planning programs, and the Urbanized Area Transit Assistance program.  The SMP includes:

  • An overview of FTA programs administered by GDOT
  • General responsibilities of GDOT staff when administering FTA grants
  • General responsibilities of GDOT subrecipients of federal funds
  • Policy, programmatic and regulatory information for each program

The SMP is supported by various guidance documents, including program guides and standard operating procedures that describe GDOT’s transit program management activities, processes, and subrecipient requirements in more detail.

Final GDOT State Management Plan

GDOT Transit Financial Management & Oversight (FMO) Policy Manual

5311 Program Guide