GDOT Edits Transportation Wish List

Georgia Department of Transportation Planning Director Todd Long has released a revised list of transportation projects for the 2012 transportation referendum.  Long has added 155 new proposals and has deleted 148 other projects from the new list while 289 projects remained.  The new list consists of $14 billion worth of transit projects, $8.6 billion worth of road projects, $205 million in sidewalk and bicycle projects and $28 million for aviation.  The Atlanta Regional Roundtable will use this new list to make a final constrained project list for metro Atlanta voters to decide upon on July 31, 2012.  Mr. Long stated, “We ended up giving them a list that is nearly three times the amount of available money that’s going to be raised in the region.  The cuts they’re going to have to make to get down to a constrained list I do not envy.”  The Atlanta Regional Roundtable must submit a “Draft Investment List” by August 15, 2011 and the final investment list must be approved by the Atlanta Regional Roundtable by October 13, 2011.  If the referendum passes, it is expected to generate $8 billion over 10 years.  You can learn more at the links below.  

Unconstrained Project List

Search the Status of Projects Added, Rejected or Included

Atlanta Regional Roundtable Website

AJC Article by Ariel Hart