Forsyth Planning Commission Recommends the Removal of Impervious Surface Language from Comprehensive Plan Update

The Forsyth County Planning Commission reviewed and discussed the comprehensive plan update on October 25th.  The Council for Quality Growth was concerned about language in the comprehensive plan regarding impervious surface.  The language in the Community Agenda portion of the comprehensive plan states property owners, “Employ building coverage maximums to decrease impervious surfaces, particularly within the Big Creek Watershed.”  Members of the Council for Quality Growth’s Forsyth Advisory committee think the application of this language would hinder development and encourage sprawl in Forsyth County.  Forsyth Advisory members and staff were on hand to offer comments and recommend the language be removed from the comprehensive plan update.  The Forsyth Planning Commission recommended the comprehensive plan advance forward to the Board of Commissioners without the impervious surface language.  The Council would like to thank Forsyth Advisory members Jay Land, Emory Lipscomb and Ethan Underwood for their leadership on this issue.  In addition, we would like to thank Mr. Brian King, Mr. John Moll and Mr. John Vermont who contributed mightily with technical information that made our efforts successful.  The comprehensive plan update is scheduled to go before the Board of Commissioners on December 1st at 5:00 pm in the Commissioner’s Meeting Room located in the Forsyth County Administration Building on 110 Main Street.  You can learn about the comprehensive plan update here.