Final Public Hearing on Redistricting

The House and Senate Legislative & Congressional Reapportionment Committee will hold one last public hearing on June 30th.  Members of the committee have already conducted 11 hearings around the state gathering public input about redistricting prior to the special session on August 15th.  Redistricting is triggered by the decennial census where the 435 seats in the United State House of Representatives are redistributed among the 50 states based on population growth, declines and shifts.  After the seats are reapportioned, each state determines the boundaries of the congressional districts, House and Senate districts, county commission districts, municipal districts and school board districts.  Redistricting ensures all citizens have equal representation by drawing district lines with an equal amount of people (“one person, one vote”).  The 12th and final hearing will be from 5 pm – 7 pm on June 30th at LeCraw Auditorium at the Georgia Tech College of Management on 800 West Peachtree Street in Atlanta.