Fee Ordinances

Conyers City Council has recently passed two fee ordinances. Ordinance 790 is an amendement to Chapter 2 of Title 8, Building and Regulation Enforcement of the Code of Ordinances. The fees all remained the same as previously stated in Ordinance 452, and the only change was the attachment on square foot construction costs. Ordinance 792 is an amendment to Chapter 7 of Title 8, Zoning Ordinance replacing ordinance 492 and establishing non-refundable application fees. It establishes a $150 fee for amendments to the Zoning Ordinance, an additional $150 fee for special use permits, included with any zoning district application, a $250 fee for special use permits without changing the zoning district, and a $500 fee for a telecommunication tower/antenna special use permit.

Construction Fee Ordinance

Zoning and Special Use Permit Fee Ordinance