Executive Committee Delays Deal on Transportation List Until Monday

The Atlanta Regional Executive Committee met on August 11th.  The Executive Committee discussed the transportation project list and decided to reconvene at 1:00 pm at the Atlanta Regional Commission Amphitheater on Monday, August 15th which is the deadline for the first draft of the transportation project list.  Currently, the project list stands at $6.56 billion and must be cut down to $6.14 billion.  The committee also approved the drafting of a resolution urging the Georgia General Assembly to amend Section 48-8-245 of House Bill 277 which discusses the sunset of the Transportation Investment Act of 2010 during the upcoming Special Session starting on August 15th.  Currently, the section states that the tax shall sunset either after ten years or when sufficient funds are raised to cover the costs of the approved projects.  The proposed resolution would call for the elimination of the second part of this section leaving only the ten year sunset.

The $6.56 billion working list can be found here.

A detailed article on the Executive Committee meeting can be found here.