Erosion & Sedimentation Control Ordinance

The Forsyth County BOC voted 4-0 in favor of amendments to the County’s Erosion and Sedimentation Control ordinance, (Ordinance 73) at its meeting on June 3rd.  The changes were primarily to bring the ordinance in conformance with the State Model Ordinance as required by law.  Certain other County initated changes were also included.  As a result of work by the Council and members of its Forsyth Advisory Committee and Ethan Underwood and Emory Lipscomb, these changes were made in a manner that were acceptable and supported by the Council.  Our thanks is given to the County Engineering staff and the BOC for working with the Council on these issues.  A complete copy of the ordinance with changes illustrated can be found below.

Ordinance 73 – Erosion & Sedimentation Control