Engage Gwinnett

The Council is actively envolved in Engage Gwinnett: Citizens Committee for the Future of Gwinnett County.  The Council holds a stakeholder’s seat on the committee and our designated representative is Board Member Michael Sullivan, Partner with Andersen, Tate, and Carr.  This effort is a citizen-led initiative where committee members will spend approximately six months looking at the community’s needs for current and future government services and proposing funding strategies to pay for those services over the next five years.

Engage Gwinnett will strategically involve the community in the process of making informed recommendations to the Board of Commissioners about future service levels, funding needs, and revenue resources.  The committee is made up of representatives from 30 community stakeholder groups and 10 self-selected citizen leaders.  The group will seek common ground, workable solutions and compromises when necessary.  The initiative was kicked off with a public meeting on September 9th, 2009.

The Council will provide regular updates through our weekly emails and on our website.  Thank you to Michael Sullivan for committing to this important endeavour.  More information can be found on the Engage Gwinnett website at http://www.engagegwinnett.com/index.htm