Duluth Extends & Expands Moratorium in HC Zoning District

At its regular meeting on November 26th, the Duluth City Council voted to extend the current Special Use and Conditional Use Moratorium until January 31, 2008 and expands the scope of the moratorium to include all regular permits in the HC Zoning District.

The original 115-day moratorium on Special Use or Conditional Use Permit applications within the City’s Highway Commercial (HC) zoning districts was approved on July 9th and was set to expire on November 30th. The purpose of the moratorium was to allow staff opportunity to study and amend allowed uses within the HC Districts in order to promote the redevelopment of such corridors. On November 12th, the City Council adopted several text amendments related to the HC Zoning District but the City claims it needs more time to complete additional text revisions.