Duluth Creates Steering Committee to Lead Impact Study

The City of Duluth, in response to issues related to the recent moratorium issued for permits related to Large Commercial Developments, has hired a consultant (JJ&G) to study the impacts of Large Developments on the City. As a part of that effort, the City has also established a steering committee of stakeholders to help facilitate the study process. The Council for Quality Growth has been appointed to serve on this committee to represent our industry. The Committee met for the first time on Tuesday, September 4th. A public hearing has also been scheduled for Tuesday, September 11th at 6:30 PM in the Public Safety Building. This meeting is intended to allow for public participation so as to give “guidance” on issues such as design standards, community desires and needs for new development.

Update (9/12/07): The first Duluth Scale Residential Impact Study Workshop was held on September 11th. Gary Cornell from Jordan, Jones, and Goulding led the workshop that was attended by more than 40 people. Those attending included: area homeowners and representatives of the development community, including Council for Quality Growth staff. THe next workshop will be held on October 16th, at the City of Duluth Public Safety Building.

For more details please contact Jerry Presley, Policy Analyst, at 770-813-3373.