Diverging Diamond Interchanges Big Hit Region Wide, Cobb Next In Line

Initial estimates place a DDI at the I-75 and Wade Green Road interchange in early 2014.

Following Gwinnett County’s lead, a DDI is forecasted for early 2014 at the Wade Green Road interchange in Kennesaw. The intent of a DDI is to increase the capacity of vehicles an intersection can accommodate, while decreasing congestion, by eliminating a left turning traffic light for commuters exiting the roadway. DDIs have been successful in other parts of the region and many more will break ground in the near future. The cost of the project amounts to approximately 2.65 million dollars, $1million supplied by the GDOT with an additional $1.65 million coming from Cobb County’s 2011 SPLOST. Introduced and supported by Jeff Lewis, a member of the State Transportation Board, Lewis touts the project, “This joint venture will ensure timely delivery of the project, cost efficiency and improved mobility for the county, as well as the metro region.”  The current intersection sees approximately 36,000 vehicles per day, officials estimate that upon completion the interchange will afford a 60% reduction in traffic light wait times with an 21% reduction in morning commute times, and an additional 13% decrease in evening travel times.

The Wade Green Road DDI is just one of the many transportation projects being discussed in the extremely active County. Many essential projects are still being developed and are in need of funding, once completed those additional projects could significantly reduce traffic and congestion in the area, making Cobb an even more desirable location to live work and play. The project has received much discussion between GDOT and County leaders over the course of the past few months and elements are still being examined before the project’s final details and timeline can be approved.

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