Diamonds are a Commuter’s Best Friend

Georgia’s first diverging diamond interchange (DDI) was officially opened for traffic on Monday June 3, 2012, paving the way for similar traffic improvements in and around the Metro Atlanta region.

Monday morning the new interchange at I-285 and Ashford Dunwoody Road saw its first action, the project took approximately 3 years and $5.5 million dollars to complete. Although traffic was somewhat lighter officials overseeing the project were pleased after its initial day of operation. Georgia Department of Transportation spokesman David Spear encouraged the Atlanta Journal Constitution, “If this one proves as successful as we believe it can be, I think you will see more of them.” Currently there are two additional DDI projects slated to begin within 2012, one at Jimmy Carter Boulevard and another at Pleasant Hill both off of I-85. These types of redesign projects can be completed at a fraction of the cost and time that constructing new intersections requires, but are often times still met with mixed reviews from unfamiliar motorists. Dunwoody Mayor Mike Davis believes over time this sentiment will change, “It’s just unusual enough that it’s going to take people a couple of times to get it down, but they’ll figure out which lane they need to be in to get to where they need to be.” Only time will tell just how successful the new interchange will be at mitigating rush hour traffic times, but the new DDI is already showing early signs of success.

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