DeKalb Millage Rate Increases Come as a Surprise to DeKalb City Mayors

DeKalb County’s raised millage rate has increased the resident’s property taxes from 7% to 15%, whereas the millage rate in unincorporated areas has declined.

Recently, all mayors of cities in Dekalb, signed a letter of inquiry toDekalbCountyto learn why the millage rate increased, after a Service Delivery Strategy had been agreed to, which was thought to ensure fair taxation for citizens of the countty and why they were not notified prior to the increase approval.  This is a major concern to the 9 mayors of DeKalb County, due to the cities representing almost 15% of the entire county population. The mayors believe the increase is not in line with the Service Delivery agreement and take issue that the county did not advertise a proposed increase in the millage rates.

The mayors were surprised by the increase, with the mayor of Chamblee Eric Clarkston stating, “We were under the impression that the millage rate would remain the same,” but that is not that case, as the rates are now as follows:

  • Dunwoody: 15.25%
  • Doraville: 9.84%
  • Chamblee: 9.9%
  • Stone Mountain: 9.7%
  • Decatur: 7.06%
  • Atlantain DeKalb: 7.96%
  • Avondale Estates: 8.41%,
  • Clarkston: 8.79%
  • Lithonia: 8.2%.

This is an unexpected line up, because Dunwoody which tops the list uses the least amount services provided by the county;Decatursaw the smallest millage rate increase, due to the operation of their own city fire department.  To learn more about this issue, click HERE