DeKalb Development Services Fiscal Oversight Committee Elects Officers, Scheduled to Meet on Monday

The DeKalb Development Services Fiscal Oversight Committee, tasked with providing subject matter expertise and assisting with recommending process improvements within the DeKalb Development Services office, has now elected a Chair, Vice Chair and Secretary to preside over the committee.

The newly elected officers include:

  • Chair: Greg Catoe (Selig Enterprises; appointed by the Atlanta Commercial Board of Realtors)
  • Vice Chair: Timothy Paul Thomas (Double T Contracting; appointed by the Building Owners and Managers Association of Georgia), and
  • Secretary: Matthew S. Rendle (Selig Enterprises; appointed by the Council for Quality Growth)

The Fiscal Advisory Committee, consisting of a total of 10 stakeholders who are professionals in the development field, aims to continue to improve DeKalb’s commitment to economic development and sound fiscal policies. (To view a list of all other Committee appointments, click HERE). The Committee is authorized to:

  1. Serve as an Advisory Committee to the administration and Board of Commissioners related to the fiscal management and policies of the DeKalb Development Services Division;
  2. Monitor Development Fund expenditures, revenues, and reserve levels, and provide input on fess and major purchases;
  3. Make recommendations regarding service levels, and provide input on fees and major purchases;
  4. Serve as ambassadors to DeKalb County in the metro-Atlanta region.

The next Fiscal Advisory Committee meeting will take place Monday, August 3, at 8:30am in Conference Room A at 330 West Ponce de Leon Avenue. The meeting is open to the public and will discuss future goals as well as an analysis into the history and trends of the development fund’s revenues and expenditures. For financial data used in the analysis, click HERE and for the official meeting agenda, click HERE.