DeKalb County: Projecting a New Image

DeKalb County has been working to improve its landscape, with its county commission has agreed to continue more landscaping, adding additional greenery along Moreland Avenue. The area between Bailey Street and Cedar Grove is home to many industrial properties that need some attention; the county is going pay $187,450 to landscape to improve the image of West Dekalb County with the work for these landscaping projects scheduled to begin this coming fall.

In addition, DeKalb County is working to improve by buying an old vacant apartment building and changing it into a park. The 7.5 acre lot is located near the DeKalb County School headquarters. In order to acquire the lot, the county will pay back taxes to a tune of $247,000. DeKalb plans to use federal grant money to demolish the old apartment buildings and meet with residents to plan what will be included in the park.

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