DeKalb County Continues Permitting Improvement Project

DeKalb County is moving forward with their Permitting Improvement Project, holding additional stakeholder’s meetings. The second stakeholder meeting was held on July 18, 2014.  The Council has been working with DeKalb throughout the process of improvement since March, 2013.

DeKalb has been working on improving the licensing process for business licensing and for commercial development, as research has shown an upward trend in commercial activity. DeKalb is also working towards creating greater transparency for customers, part of which includes the adaptation of Hansen 8, an application suite that allows for government agencies to streamline the business and process of government. In DeKalb’s mid-year budget, the Board of Commissioners has approved funding for the Hansen upgrade, hoping to make the licensing, permitting, and approval process more efficient for customers and the government.

As some next steps, DeKalb is moving to submit legislation to the Board of Commissioners to approve the contract for Hansen 8, create a draft for their Development Manual, finalize implementation of the business license process improvement, and initiate permit tech training.

As a reminder, the Council for Quality Growth staff and members of the development community were asked by Deputy Chief Operating Officer Luz Borrero to sit on a Stakeholders Group and provide input as the County began the process of permit reform. The 25-member roster of the Stakeholders Group includes 14 members of the Council for Quality Growth.

To view the presentation from the meeting, click HERE.