DCA Planning Rules Task Force Meeting

The Department of Community Affairs Planning Rules Task Force met on November 15th.  At this meeting, a draft version of the DRI rules was distributed to attendees and discussed.  The members of the Task Force made several recommendations to improve the draft including adding language that will ensure that online application forms must be complete before the applicant is allowed to submit the form to their local regional commission, creating well-defined deadlines for the entire process, and allowing local governments to take non-final action before official approval has been made by the regional commission.  The DCA staff has given members an opportunity to review and make suggestions for changes to be made to the threshold table included in the DRI rules.


This task force has been assembled to evaluate the developments of regional impact (DRI) process and local comprehensive planning rules and make recommendations to make these processes more efficient and effective for all parties involved. The next meeting will be January 17, 2012.

Planning Rules Task Force November 15th Agenda

Draft of DRI Rules

Color Key for Draft of DRI Rules