Dawson Forest Reservoir Site

Councilman CT Martin has introduced a resolution in the Atlanta City Council to pursue development of a 100 mgd reservoir site on land the City owns in Dawson County.  The land was originally purchased for consideration of a second airport site.  Because of the history regarding the airport, the resolution would be considered by the Transportation Committee.

The site would be approximately 2,000 acres with the remaining 8,000 acres being set aside as a wildlife preserve.  The project is being pursued by industrial developer Jerry Daws, and would be in partnership with the Etowah Water and Sewer Authority.  The reservoir would be able to serve several North Georgia communities including Atlanta, Sandy Springs, Johns Creek, Dawson County, Forsyth County, Cherokee County, and Pickens County.

The reservoir project is viewed as a long-term proposal, as it would still have to go through several stages of permitting and environmental studies.