Cumberland CID Honored by Georgia House and Senate

Senator Johnny Isakson, joined with Lt. Governor Casey Cagle, Senator’s Steve Gooch, Judson Hill and Hunter Hill and Council for Quality Growth Board Members, Tad Leithead, Chairman of Cumberland CID and Malaika Rivers, Executive Director of Cumberland CID to honor the achievements and 25th Anniversary of the first Community Improvement District, Cumberland CID.

Cumberland CID, founded in 1988 as the first in Georgia, is home to one of the largest and busiest economic engines, as the District represents and estimated 5% of Georgia’s economy. It is home to the corporate headquarter of giants such as Home Depot, GE Energy and Travelport, among others, leveraged over $100 million in business community investments and has been a partner to local, regional and state governments on comprehensive planning needs, including infrastructure, transportation, water and economic development.

The Council would like to congratulate our partner, the Cumberland CID for their past, present and future accomplishments!

To read the full House and Senate Resolutions, click HERE and HERE.