Crossover Day

March 16th marks the 30th day and is “Crossover Day” for the 2011 Session.  This is the final day bills from the House or Senate can pass before the chamber they originated and go to the other chamber for consideration and the chance to become a law.  Bills that do not pass the House or Senate today will not be eligible to become laws this year.  Most of the bills the Council lists as “Critical Legislation” in our Under the Gold Dome edition has already crossed over.  Bills we have been diligently working on that have already crossed over include House Bill 110 which would establish a state wide model for cities and counties that adopt a vacant property registry and Senate Bill 86 which would require basic planning requirements for local governments and make developments of regional impact non mandatory.  Other important issues we have been working on that have crossed over include the Public-Private Water Supply Bill (SB 122) and both immigration bills (HB 87 and SB 40).  Important issues on the docket today include Senate Bill 10 which would allow local governments to decide on Sunday sales of alcohol through local referendum.  You can read more about these bills and other bills we are following in our Under the Gold Dome edition.