County Considers UDC Landscaping Changes & Peachtree Parkway Overlay District Ordinance

On January 23, 2007, the Forsyth County Planning Commission approved the proposed Overlay District Ordinance for SR 141/Peachtree Pkwy.  The purpose of the ordinance is to establish design standards for site development, architectural designs, landscaping, screening, exterior lighting, and signage in an effort to promote quality design throughout the corridor.  The item will now be sent to the BOC for its consideration.  Below is a copy of the draft ordinance and other related documents:

Adopted PPOD Ordinance

Adopted PPOD Area Map

Adopted PPOD Existing Zoning Map

PPOD PowerPoint Presentation

In addition to the Overlay District, the Planning Commission also approved several proposed UDC changes addressing landscaping, screening, fencing, and lighting.  The intended purpose is to create a uniform, county-wide baseline for design standards regarding these items.  These items will also be sent to the BOC for consideration.  Below is a copy of the proposed changes:

Proposed UDC Changes