Brookhaven City Councilman Bates Mattison Addresses DeKalb Advisory, Seeks Input on Brookhaven Comprehensive Plan



Brookhaven City Councilman Bates Mattison, District 3, addressed the Council for Quality Growth’s DeKalb Advisory Committee Thursday to discuss past, present and future issues affecting the fastest growing zip code in Metro Atlanta.  The Councilman presented a review of city accomplishments from Brookhaven’s Community Development, Police, Parks and Recreation and summarized Brookhaven’s goals and upcoming events.

Councilman Mattison also discussed the upcoming adoption of the Comprehensive Plan 2034 which will focus on desired growth and redevelopment.  The Comprehensive Plan will cover a number of topics but will focus on Land Use, Community Facilities and Resources, Economic Development, Transportation and Housing.  These elements comprehensively represent the building blocks of the Brookhaven Community. The City Council will review the plan at their September 9th Council meeting before sending it to DCA for comments. The City Council ultimately plans to adopt the Comprehensive Plan in November of this year.

The Brookhaven City Council would appreciate your feedback regarding the Comprehensive Plan.  Please click HERE to view the proposed Comprehensive Plan, and send comments accordingly.

Along with formulating the Comprehensive Plan, the city recently adopted a fair and balanced Tree Ordinance; reclassified the zoning structure for the entire city, thereby designating opportunity zones for job tax credits; and gained over $2 million for capital improvements for Parks and Recreation projects.  As a new city, Brookhaven is strategically coordinating all efforts to ensure that the plans of lowering the tax rates in 2014 to 2.79 mills, increasing city reserves to $3.5 million by 2015 and increasing Police response time, is achieved.

Finally, Councilman Mattison addressed the creation of an Office of Tourism.  The City will host their inaugural Cherry Blossom Festival in March 2015.  The Brookhaven City Council sees unlimited potential and plans to utilize existing relationships to build synergies throughout the community to continue the long-term vision.