Council Seeks Assistance in Identifying Stormwater Regulation Concerns in Gwinnett

The Council for Quality Growth needs your assistance in identifying specific projects in Gwinnett County that have been negatively impacted by Gwinnett’s current Stormwater Regulations.  In particular, we hope to identify redevelopment and new development sites that have been required to alter stormwater plans at a major cost burden and/or have been discontinued because of the severity of burdens related to the regulations.  We need to know the specific regulation that impacted the development, the costs associated with those impacts, and the reason for your decision to continue or discontinue a project.  Both commercial and residential developments are being considered.  If you or a client has experienced such problems please contact Mr. Jerry Presley, Policy Analyst, immediately via email at or call (770)-813-3373.  The information will be used to assist the County in addressing these issues through new regulations.  For related information please read the  stormwater regulation story below.