Council Members and CID Chairman Tad Leithead and Mason Zimmerman Receive Praise from Cobb Board of Commissioners

Council for Quality Growth Member and respective Chair of the Cumberland Community Improvement District Tad Leithead along with current Council for Quality Growth Vice-Chairman and Town Center CID Chair Mason Zimmerman presented their annual report to the Cobb County Board of Commissioners and received much praise from BOC Chairman Tim Lee. Included in the plans for Cumberland CID was the goal to leverage $30 million in CID dollars to gain $150 million in state and federal funds during the next seven years to work on the improvement of roads, including the Windy Hill/I-75 Interchange.  Zimmerman echoed the need to continue transportation improvements, saying “Since its inception, Town Center committed almost $30 million of it revenue to advance projects for a total of $100 million in transportation and infrastructure to the Town Center Area CID,” Zimmerman said.

Chairman Lee had this to say, “We appreciate everything you’ve done to help just make the quality of life so much better for so many people who have no idea that there’s a bunch of business people that just decided they needed to pay more money and more improvements to make quality of life and the economic engines in this community stronger and better, and we as a board recognize it and appreciate it,” Lee said.