Brookhaven Proposed Zoning Ordinance Rewrite — Read the Council’s Four-Part Comprehensive Analysis

Council Members,

The City of Brookhaven has released the latest draft of their proposed Zoning Code Rewrite, which will be heard at the City Planning Commission meeting on Wednesday, September 5.

The Council for Quality Growth has drafted a comprehensive overview of the proposed changes, focusing primarily on the four zoning district categories – Residential, Mixed-Use, Commercial, and Overlays.

As you will recall, the Council for Quality Growth has played an active role in providing extensive input into their tree ordinance changes and Peachtree Overlay District in the last year.  We have been asked to continue providing feedback to City staff, Mayor and Council on the proposed zoning code changes.

Utilizing your varied expertise, please provide comments on the proposed changes that we can collect, compose and submit from the Council for Quality Growth.  Your feedback helps shape proposed policies that will affect your bottom line and your assistance continues to provide a valuable help to us, as we work to keep quality and balanced growth throughout the region.

Thank you again and please do not hesitate to contact us with any comments or questions.

Art. II Residential Districts Write-Up

Art. III Mixed-Use Districts Write-Up

Art. IV Commercial & Employment Districts Write-Up

Art. V Overlay Districts Write-Up

Inclusionary Zoning in Buford Highway Overlay District

Please click here to view the proposed Zoning Ordinance in its entirety.