Council for Quality Growth to AtlantaCity Hall: Now Is Not the Time to Raise Impact Fees

In a move that has left many in the development community scratching their heads and gearing up for what could be a political fight, the city of Atlanta is considering increasing the current impact fees, for no other reason than they have not been raised since 1990.  This despite the fact Atlanta is still a recovering market and development is nowhere near the levels of success that we experienced in the late 90’s and early 2000’s.  Before the city considers raising impact fees, the Council for Quality Growth believes a report detailing the amount current fees, where they are being spent and how the city will use additional funds should be produced.  Additionally, increasing impact fees by 168% for multi-family dwelling units, 135% for single family units and 73% for commercial units will only further prevent the city from recovering and will place the costs of the increase on the backs of the residents who would seek to move into the city, a further hindrance to increased economic progress.   We strongly oppose any increase in impact fees at this time and will work with other groups and the city to insure any increase does not occur at such a fragile time.

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