Council for Quality Growth Team Member Promotions

July 27, 2022

We are pleased to announce promotions for three Council for Quality Growth team members.

First, Rebekah Anderson will become a Vice President of the Council. In this role, Rebekah will continue to focus on leadership in revenue generation through membership,  sponsorships, and programming, as well as content with the team.  Additionally, she will be playing a greater role on visioning, management, organizational structure, and talent optimization as we move forward. Rebekah has been part of the Council for four years and she has done a great job in advancing our income opportunities and mission driven work.

Joseph Santoro, will move up from Senior Policy Analyst to Director of Policy and Government Affairs. Joseph’s responsibilities will continue to include ensuring that the Council is the leader and on the forefront of all growth and development policy issues – local and state – that have consequence to our mission, our members, and the region.  Additionally, Joseph will take a greater role and responsibility in leadership of our policy team and working with our members and Board leaders in focusing our policy mission for the future. Joseph has been with the Council for almost two years and has worked diligently on our policy agenda with a great list of accomplishments.

Sandy Collins will now be Senior Manager of Member Services and Operations. Sandy will, as always, be on the front line with Council members, making sure this office is running at top speed everyday and working with me on Board of Directors and Executive Committee relations and management. Further, Sandy will be spending more time on the Quality Growth Institute as we work to expand the work of our 501(c)(3) through educational opportunities and begin to structure how we use our non-profit to its fullest capacity. Sandy has been with the Council for over 4.5 years and has become the glue that holds us all together.

Please join us in thanking and congratulations to these valuable Council team members!