Council for Quality Growth Releases Statement on City of Atlanta Post-Development Stormwater

The Council for Quality Growth supports the necessary revisions for the City of Atlanta to adhere to the Metropolitan North Georgia Water Planning District’s model ordinance and meet the city’s Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) permit with Georgia Environmental Protection Division (EPD) by the end of the year. These are important and meaningful changes necessary to address water quality and quantity issues in local jurisdictions across the region.

We also recognize the city is grappling with long-term flooding issues that continue to impact the quality of life of thousands of residents within the City of Atlanta due to aging infrastructure and increased economic development. New development, job opportunities, and housing options are critical to our city’s continued success, and we support Mayor Bottoms and the Atlanta City Council in their efforts to balance economic needs and quality of life for the entire city.

Michael Paris, Council President and CEO said, “We encourage city leadership to approve the mandated changes to the current stormwater ordinance in December and spend the coming months further evaluating any additional requirements and looking at all practical options. The Council for Quality Growth is committed to working with the Department of Watershed and city leadership on long-term solutions to eliminate localized flooding issues and invest in the city’s aging infrastructure while not infringing on much-needed housing at all levels and related development.”


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