Council for Quality Growth Hosts Peachtree Corners Mayor Mike Mason

On August 25th, the Council for Quality hosted Peachtree Corner Mayor Mike Mason and Alyssa Davis from Gwinnett Village CID at the Gwinnett Advisory Committee Meeting.

Ms. Davis helped to moderate the Council for Quality Growth’s discussion on transportation, which was conducted as part of the Gwinnett County’s “Great Exchange on Transportation” campaign. Persons in attendance provided feedback on a wide range of subjects. Topics included the level and type of transit improvements members would prefer and believe are likely to succeed in Gwinnett. Also discussed were land use and housing ordinance changes that could promote and improve the safety of walkability county-wide.

The general consensus was that walkability, transportation, and investments in workforce housing are the trifecta needed to ensure Gwinnett’s continued economic growth. The City of Peachtree Corners seems poised to take advantage of these recommendations in the immediate future.

Mayor Mike Mason shared key recommendations of the Peachtree Corners Livable Center Initiative study released February 2015. His presentation highlighted plans for pedestrian-friendly developments along the City’s emerging Town Center. The mixed use space will feature greenspace, boutique retail, a grocery store, and a movie theatre. John Wieland has been hired to develop single family attached and detached housing projects adjacent the Town Center hub.

The City’s greatest transformation, however, will occur in Technology Park. Presently characterized by aging office space and underutilized land, Peachtree Corners’ seeks to remake this space into a major regional technology and innovation district. To formalize this goal, the City has established a partnership with Georgia Tech’s Advanced Technology Development Center. The partnership represents an amazing opportunity to attract and retain technology entrepreneurs and small business owners. It is also a great first step towards achieving the vision of the innovation hub, as a “robust tech industry community where employees can live and collaborate in a dynamic mixed-use environment.”

Other major projects occurring in Peachtree Corners include the Winter Chapel Road Project, to be completed in collaboration with the City of Dunwoody, and beautification efforts occurring along the Holcomb Bridge corridor.

For more information on Peachtree Corners’ Livable Center Initiative, click here.

The Council thanks Mayor Mason and Director Davis for their participation in the Gwinnett Advisory Meeting. We also thank all members who attended for their support of Gwinnett’s Great Exchange Conversation.