Council for Quality Growth Headquarters in New Perimeter Location

Council office lobby
The Council for Quality Growth relocated its offices to the Central Perimeter in August, where it plans to expand its educational and advocacy center to better serve its members region-wide.
Business leaders in a burgeoning Gwinnett County launched the Council in 1985. Its unique mission of promoting balanced and responsible growth – via advocacy, information and education – endures.  The Council advocates for the development industry, facilitating dialogue with regional policymakers and their staffs.
At the behest of industry leaders and Council members, the Council expanded its scope in 2003 to include the entire metro Atlanta region. Today, the Council works with the region’s 80 local governments and the state’s legislative, executive and agency leadership to: advocate
for quality growth; promote strong infrastructure; and foster a regulatory environment in which quality building, development and job creation can thrive.
Our new offices in the Palisades office park at Peachtree Dunwoody Road and I-285 in Sandy Springs will provide more opportunity for on-site educational training and workshops through the Quality Growth Institute – as well as serving as a convenient, accessible place to convene elected leaders to discuss growth issues.
President and CEO Michael Paris said, “Our roots will always be in Gwinnett where this organization was planted and nurtured by visionary leaders including Wayne Mason, Ray Weeks, Wayne Shackelford and many others. As our mission, scope and prominence continues to grow, we look forward to serving our members and the region from our new central location.”
As the Council’s regional agenda and membership base expanded, its leadership gave careful consideration to a location for its offices that would offer a central gathering place for leaders from all points in the region.
2013 Chairman Mason Zimmerman of Pope and Land Enterprises says, “Over the years, the Council has continually expanded its footprint throughout the region. Relocating the office to the perimeter submarket will help us to continue to serve the region from a more central location.”
Council office lobby 2
Council conference room
United States Senator Johnny Isakson Welcomed the Council to the New Office:
Letter from Sen. Isakson to CQG for new location