Council for Quality Growth Executive Committee Member and ARC Chairman Tad Leithead Presents: “It Takes a Region” to CREW

Last Thursday, at the Commercial Real Estate Women’s April lunch, ARC Chairman was the featured speaker and gave a rousing presentation on the changing demographics and economics of the Metro Region. While highlighting the future plans of ARC, Leithead warned attendees that we must continue to move forward and address the region’s transportation and land use issues.

Atlanta, although one of the fastest growing regions , is facing a future crisis in the region, if we cannot solve our three major issues: Water, Transportation and Education.

Leithhead stressed the importance of fixing the transportation issues in our region, especially after the failure to pass TSPLOST.  With a younger population moving into the city, and an aging population moving to the suburbs, creating walk ability and mobility in the region that is not dependent solely on cars is key to sustainable growth.  One option as well is re-branding MARTA, with a name, an idea advocated by Council Board Member State Senator Brandon Beach.

Attendees were given a fascinating PowerPoint that highlights data, compiled by Mike Alexander, that talks about the demographics and economics of the region, with interactive maps and en excellent  source of region-wide data.

To view the PowerPoint, click HERE