Council for Quality Growth Appointed to Serve on Georgia Stormwater Manual Technical Advisory Committee


The current Georgia Stormwater Management Manual (Blue Book) was completed in 2001. Over the last 10+ years, new information about managing stormwater has become available as well as more clarity on the costs and benefits of better managing stormwater.  Recognizing the changing landscape and the need for more innovative and flexible approaches, the time is right to revise the Blue Book to better accommodate these needs.

Over the next 12 – 18 months, a team made of people representing federal, state, regional, and local governments as well as non-profits, universities, and industry groups will work to revise the Blue Book.  These revisions are expected to take newer approaches to stormwater, such as green infrastructure, and blend them with current approaches to give local governments and other users a useful management tool.  These revisions will also address key regulatory requirements such as MS4 Stormwater permits as well as cost, benefits, and long-term costs of stormwater practices.

An RFP for a consultant to the project is expected to be issued in the next week and the Council will publish this for members when it is available.