Council Board Member and State Senator Brandon Beach Chairs Senate Study Committee on Public Transportation

The Georgia Senate during the 2013 Session unanimously passed Senate Resolution 618 creating the Senate Study Committee on Public Transportation in the Metropolitan Atlanta Region.  The effort was led by Senator and Council Board Member Brandon Beach, who was named Chairman of the Study Committee, an honor for one of the newest members of the Georgia Senate.
The Study Committee will look at the current public transportation options in  Metro Atlanta  and hear input from local government and industry business leaders around the region, in order to explore possible solutions to our challenging transportation issues.  In the wake of last summer’s TSPLOST defeat, the time to find workable solutions is needed now more than ever.
“Gwinnett, Cobb, Fulton and DeKalb each currently have the adequate assets to provide transportation for the public,” said Sen. Beach.  “It is important to meet this summer to examine possible solutions to the logistics dilemma of our current bus and rail routes in order to better serve metro Atlantans.  This committee will also discuss how independent systems can coordinate and communicate with each other as to provide citizens with the most timely, safe, reliable and efficient ride possible.” 
Other members of the Study Committee include:
  • Senate Transportation Chairman Steve Gooch;
  • Senate Retirement Chairman Fran Millar;
  • Senator Jason Carter;
  • Senator Vincent Fort
The Council for Quality Growth will assist the Georgia Senate Study Committee and Senator Beach, utilizing the expertise of Council members to testify before the Committee and offer the perspective of the Council, based on our 29 year history in local and state-wide transportation issues.
To view the Resolution CLICK HERE.