Construction Time Limits and Code Enforcement

Allowable Construction Time Limits and Citations ComparisonsTable

The Council for Quality Growth has recently been asked to research an issue Region-Wide on county and city code enforcement on allowable construction time limits, including allowable working days and hours, as well as who receives the citation if found in violation of the codes.

Counties and cities around the Atlanta Region have different requirements when it comes to allowable time for construction. Some municipalities have codes specifically addressing the issue while others embed construction limitations under a noise and nuisance restriction, due to the disruptive nature of construction. There are no real generalities; each city and county has a different range of allowable construction hours, varying by day, though most restrict construction work on Sundays or highly discourage it.

Enforcing these codes is difficult because the code enforcers generally are only on duty during allowable construction times. A violation is usually reported to the local police department to handle when the violation occurs after working hours. Who the citation is given to also varies; some places, like Cumming, cite the contractor that caused the violation, while other places, such as the City of Woodstock, will cite the property owner or permittee. Other regions handle citations on a case-by-case basis.

It is advisable that all property owners and permit holders know the applicable construction limitations when starting a new project, as they can vary widely, from county to county, and city to city.

To see the above comparison chart of regional restrictions and requirements as a PDF, click HERE.

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