Constitutional Amendments

On November 4th, 2008 voters in Georgia will have the opportunity to approve three Constitutional Amendments.  All three amendments impact the development community.  To learn more and to get involved with the public education campaign, contact Georgians for Quality Economic Development.

Summary and Fact Sheet on all three Constitutional Amendments

Amendment 1: Forest Land Protection Act

For information about the Forest Land Protection Act contact:

Josh Stancil, Georgia Forestry Association

or visit

Amendment 2: Tax Allocation Districts

Summary of proposed amendment re-authorizing the use of TADs

For additional information about TADs contact:

Tahmida Shamsuddin, Georgians for Community Redevelopment, 404-658-5982

or visit

Amendment 3: Infrastructure Development Districts

Summary of proposed amendment to create IDDs

For additional information about IDDs contact:

Haley McConaghy, Georgians for Quality Economic Development, 404-783-8140