Conservation Subdivision Moratorium and Residential Conservation Neighborhood District

Update- At the November 18th meeting, the BOC adopted the RNCD Ordinance. This ordinance will replace the current Conservation Subdivision ordinance in the County Code.

At the June 10th meeting, the BOC voted to approve a 90 day extension of the moratorium on sketch plat filing, review, approval, and permits for the development and construction of conservation subdivisions. The moratorium was originally adopted in March of 2008, and has now been extended twice. The moratorium is in response to misconceptions about increased density and the future of the greenspace. Staff released a draft of the new Residential Neighborhood Conservation District Ordinance in August. The new ordinance would replace the Conservation Subdivision category as a use-by-right, and would insert a new zoning category for use in either suburban or rural areas.

Staff has revised several technical errors within the ordinance and has prepared a new Draft. It was briefly discussed as part of the September 9th BOC Agenda, but was deferred for one month due to several lingering issues. Coinciding with the deferral of the new ordinance, the moratorium over current Conservation Subdivision applications was extended until October 14th. The Planning & Land Use Committee held a special called meeting to discuss the issue on October 10th where several changes were made to the ordinance. The most recent version was placed on the BOC Agenda on October 14th, but was deferred until November 18th to allow for review by the Planning Commission.

Proposed RNCD Ordinance