Cobb’s ESPLOST: Vote YES

Cobb County residents return to the polls in two weeks to decide on the extension of the existing Education SPLOST.  The 1% for education has been in place in Cobb since 1998, and this extension will run from 2014 to 2018.  The importance of the monies cannot be stressed enough, as local boards of education are being asked to do more with less, as revenues from the state are far less than what they were a decade ago.

The $717 million ESPLOST package includes monies for new schools and facilities, replacing old buildings, additions and modifications to current structures, infrastructure needs such as doors, windows, electrical needs and furnishings, as well as safety and technology improvements.  For a complete detailed list of projects, click HERE.  All revenues from the tax must be used for the projects specified in the approved project list.

Currently, over 90% of the systems operating funds go to teacher and staff salaries, as well as daily operating costs, such as fuel and the purchase of new textbooks.  Without the approval of the ESPLOST, the local board will have no choice but to issue bonds, at a high cost to the citizens.  According to Cobb County, the last time bonds were issued for this purpose, in 1995, the amount paid back included $92 million in interest payments, an egregious waste of money to the taxpayers.

Since the first ESPLOST was approved in 1998, the county has added over 22 new schools, over 2300 classrooms, completed over 5000 projects and eliminated the system’s long-term bond debt, a rarity in among Georgia school systems.

The Council has consistently supported Education SPLOSTS in all of the Metro counties.  Strong school systems foster economic development, job growth and vibrant communities. The importance of this vote cannot be stressed enough.  On March 19th, vote YES for the Cobb County ESPLOT.

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