Cobb Property Tax Assessment: Decreased Revenues Test County Government

230,000 residential property tax assessment notices have been sent out to Cobb residents, nearly half of which have been lowered.

Of the 230,000 notices that were sent out 106,370 or 46% of which had their property tax assessments lowered. Required by a new state law, enacted last year, these notices are now required once a year, every year, whereas previously they were only sent if a valuation was changed. This reduction in property tax across the county will result in an approximate 4% decline in the tax digest and ultimately means less tax dollars for the county government, however county Finance Director Jim Pehrson stated, “We’re fairly optimistic right now that we can finish the year without having to go into reserves.” For those residents wishing to find more information or file an appeal can visit the Cobb tax assessors website at: or call: (770) 528-3100.

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