Cobb County Board of Commissioners Approves Code Amendments and Votes to Approve 3 Taxes to Help Fund Braves Stadium

On Tuesday, February 25th, the Cobb County Board of Commissioners approved a number of code amendments, including an amendment to create special taxing districts to help fund the County’s share of the new Braves Stadium. In particular, the “Cumberland Special Services District I” allows “for the provision of government services” within the district and authorizes “the levy and collection of fees within such district, to pay, wholly or partially, the cost of providing such services therein, and to construct and maintain facilities therefore, and other matters related thereto.”

To read the County’s Amended Coliseum Project Package creating the special taxing district, click HERE.

To see the overview of the County package of other code amendments, click HERE.

To see the County’s package of other code amendments, click HERE.

In tandem with their votes on the code amendments, the Board of Commissioners voted to approve 3 new taxes for the Braves stadium. Two of these taxes will be established within the special taxing district now allowed under the code amendments. The 4-1 vote – with Commissioner Lisa Cupid voting against the taxes due to concerns about how the issues were communicated to the public – is expected to generate $3.8 million per year through:

  • A special taxing district in the Cumberland area that will levy a 3% property tax on apartment complexes and businesses
  • A $3 per night hotel room fee in the Cumberland area
  • A 3% rental car tax in unincorporated portions of Cobb County.
The Commissioners also unanimously approved 40 additional positions to the Cobb County police department. The new positions are expected to take at a least a year to fill, but it marks “a big step” for the County, according to Police Chief John Hauser. These 40 new positions will allow the County Police Department to begin to add officers to depleted specialty units, as well as allowing the department to shift from its current eight-hour shift model to overlapping, 10-hour shifts at 2 of the County’s four precincts. The addition of these positions is designed to help boost morale in the police department, to work to alleviate the retention issues that the Police Department is currently experiencing and to help to provide necessary manpower and resources given the plans to build the Braves Stadium in Cobb County.

The Council applauds the Cobb Board of Commissioners on their commitment to public safety and responsible growth in Cobb County. We look forward to partnering with and supporting the County in future endeavors to promote sustainable growth in Cobb and the metro region.

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