City of South Fulton Releases Economic Development Strategic Plan

This comprehensive study provides a strategic, actionable plan for the economic development of the city of South Fulton. The report is divided into three main sections examining first the existing demographic, economic, real estate market conditions, and projections for future growth. Secondly, the report provides an analysis of community input, resident and business surveys, business interviews and ‘SWOT’ analysis sessions with community members. Finally, the last section of the report utilizes both findings from the previous two sections to serve as the basis of the action plan moving forward.

The plan will ultimately be a road map for economic development in the City for the next 15-20 years. One of the key recommendations from the plan is the location of what will become the City’s Town Center on Camp Creek Parkway.

The five overall recommendations in the Action Plan are:

  • Expand marketing and promotion of the city’s business assets and
    development potential
  • Prime existing businesses in the city South Fulton for growth and expansion
  • Strengthen partnerships between city of South Fulton and the business
    community to augment economic development effort and address community issues
  • Work to attract more technology and professional services and other high value industries
  • Expand the city of South Fulton’s economic development organization

City of Fulton Economic Development Strategic Plan