City of South Fulton Releases Comprehensive Plan Draft

The 2021 City of South Fulton Comprehensive Plan is the required plan update for the City of South Fulton which is due by October 31st, 2021.  This update reassesses where the City of South Fulton stands today and how it intends to grow in the future by reaffirming the community visions, developing strategies for growth, and developing a work program designed to make that vision a reality.  The Draft plan is ready for your comments.

To submit comments or concerns about the plan, by going to their website or by email to 

2021 City of South Fulton Comprehensive Plan Draft

2021 City of South Fulton Comprehensive Plan Appendix Draft

This Comprehensive Plan builds upon the great planning work that the City of South Fulton has undertaken since its creation in 2017. The city has completed an Economic Development Strategy, A City Strategic Plan, a Consolidated Plan, and participated in the Southern Fulton County Transportation Plan.

The first phase was having the Planning Team listen to concerns from the community, steering committee, and the City Council. In later phases, the Planning Team gathered feedback on goals, strategies, development styles, and implementation activities. The full Public Engagement results are located within the Appendix and a summary is provided on the following pages. Questions related to topics later in the plan also are provided.

Phase 2 of the Engagement focuses on Community Strategies, Development Styles, and Broadband Service. Phase 3 of Community Engagement focused on the Community Work Program and also how the community would like to be engaged in the future.